Breaking the rules

The experts tell me that organizing isn’t decluttering … and that buying more storage doesn’t help/work but as I said in the beginning the plan is to organize AND declutter!

As much as I hate doing this ….

I love that this is a little more functional and way neater than piles of books and bags of yarn sitting next to my chair in the bedroom. I do all my knitting, crochet, and binding in this little nook and luckily Keith can sleep with my task light on because he’s an early to bed, early to rise kind of guy and I’m an up all night, sleep half the day kind of girl!

16 thoughts on “Breaking the rules

  1. Looks very calming! I find I need to strike a balance between more storage/organizers and letting go. Sometimes a new solution is just the right thing.


  2. I’m not paying attention anymore to what ‘They’ say about my clothes, my beauty regimen, my house, my life. After all, I’m not part of a herd, I’m ME. I love your little nook.


  3. Mary, I agree wholeheartedly with Carolyn! If you find what works for you, who cares what anyone else thinks? I really like that addition to your nook. Is it IKEA? I’ve been building a quilty “fort’ around my chair in our living room & had just decided to use the nearby baskets-in-cubbies to stash all my bits & bobs. Great minds!


  4. A peaceful nook indeed. The difference for you is that you want to/are using the now organized items. Declutter is for not-used/not-loved items.

    Enjoy 🙂


  5. I love that! Hmmmm, I might need to see if I have room for one of those units next to my stitching chair. Wonderful idea!


  6. It’s a lovely cozy place. I don’t have as much room as you. I have a book shelf next to my recliner where I keep my embroidery supplies for whatever project I am working on. Ok, I don’t agree that more storage is not decluttering. Heck yes it is!! But it is NOT destashing or down sizing. Who Cares.
    Happy New year.
    xx, Carol


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