The right tools

I’m not a fan of double pointed needles but when it comes to the decreases on a hat … I have to switch from a small circular to double pointed needles… 5 of them – 4 to hold the stitches and one to knit them off …. only the other day I came across flexible double pointed needles … they have a small cable between two needles so I only need 3 not 5. For those of you that don’t knit that might not seem like much but for the knitters in the crowd, I expect it’s pretty wonderful … unless you already knew about them!!

I finished the Corner to Corner blanket last night … no photo yet … so I started another hat tonight and for once, I can’t wait to get to the crown decreases so I can try out the new needles!

I did have to wait to cast on until we got home from dinner … Keith’s nephews (yes, they’re twins) live about 45 minutes away so we met up with them for dinner before they head off to spend Christmas with their family.

5 thoughts on “The right tools

  1. I started using those needles last year after my daughter showed me hers. I was knitting fidget muffs on 2 needles and hated sewing in all the many colours when joining the seams – not any more now I’m knitting in a circle 🙂


  2. Mary is it neat to see Twins as I am a twin also. And yes the right tools and how to use them are great. Thanks for sharing.


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