1. Merry Christmas eve day, Mary! That afghan looks good enough to eat! I hear what you’re saying about having nervous energy. Must be why I’m wide awake at this hour! Enjoy your time with your family!

  2. Beautiful colors. I fall asleep when I get really nervous. When my father fell off a roof I sat on the floor of his hotel room painting sweatshirts and got so stressed by his roommate I fell asleep paintbrush in hand. I can sleep anywhere anytime which in some ways is as problematic as not sleeping. Hopefully we both can improve our situations!

  3. You have inspired me to pick up my crochet hook again. Currently I am making a shawl, after ripping out the knitted version because it was just taking way too long. I am a very slow knitter. I have printed off the pattern for Corner to Corner. Will just one Jumbo skein make a baby afghan? I want to purchase some at the next yarn sale!

  4. Mary – Beautiful colors. I made a c2c out of the same yarn. You can always look me up on Revelry V Johnson – Chicago. Enjoy your holidays with family and friends.

  5. Very nice and love this color too! Thank you for trying out all the different yarns, makes it easier on those of us planning on copying your projects…lol.

  6. Very pretty! I don’t like my hands to be idle either… But I don’t have access to pretty yarns like the one you found… I guess I’ll stick to tatting this holiday…

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