2019 results

This is one reason why I keep records … for days like today when I’m feeling like I’m not accomplishing enough – 2019 was my most productive year since we moved from Minneapolis. Yes, there were multiple moves in those 5 and a half years to be coordinated and time spent caring for family or dealing with my own health issues but I still wanted to accomplish more and while I felt this year was still not productive enough, I was surprised to see that I was wrong when I looked at all my numbers.

Before you tell me that productivity is not the goal (and it may not be your goal), understand that for me it is a big consideration. I don’t work outside the home so my quilting, crochet, and knitting for donation are how I still contribute.


67 tops quilted or tied
• 3 were mine to be gifted
• 1 was mine to keep
• 22 were my donation tops
• 15 were tops by family
• 26 were tops pieced by HeartStrings quilters

20 quilts were started
• 12 are finished
• 6 are finished tops
• 1 is unassembled

15 UFO’s were finished
• 1 UFO abandoned (since I can’t find it!)
• 15 UFO’s were NOT finished
• 7 of the 2019 new starts will become UFOs in 2020

Total UFOs heading into 2020 = 22 (the lowest number in 7 years!)

For our 2019 Precut party I made at least one top for each month’s precut with a couple extra tops thrown in. I also gave Mom a bunch of precuts and quilted and bound some precut UFOs.

Knitting and Crochet results
• 24 blankets were made – all but 2 have been, or will be donated
• 22 crocheted
• 2 knit
• 13 hats were knit

I didn’t make any serious headway on my knit UFO’s as only 2 of 20 were finished which is crazy because 14 of them just need blocking and/or ends woven in.


  1. It’s been a super productive year for you! I can’t believe you made 24 blankets as well as all the quilting – I’d struggle just to make that many blankets with nothing else going on!

  2. You are amazing! and an inspiration to everyone who follows your blog. Also thank you for the quilt patterns and machine quilting ideas you share. I’ve had a difficult year, and reading your blog and how productive you are is helping me go back to my quilting. Thank you so much, and I’m wishing you and your beautiful family a happy, healthy New Year! Hey, kick that virus—I’m still struggling with the cough part of it. (hugs)

  3. I’m always inspired by your productivity. After years of being a nurse, your version of “caring for people” has just taken a different form. Hope you are on the mend from the flu.

  4. Wow! What a year! 2020 has a lot to compete with! And if you feel like you’re not accomplishing enough, I’m in REAL trouble… LOL! But, slow & steady wins the race, I guess. Here’s hoping you have a marvelous New Year!

  5. Like others have mentioned, I am also inspired by your productivity! I’m sorry that you are “under the weather” as we start a New Year, but I have no doubt that you will be knitting, crocheting, and quilting in a big way in 2020! Happy New Year, Mary!

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