Missing out

I’m still contagious so Keith met the kids for dinner tonight when they got into town. We decided it would be best for them to stay in a hotel to avoid getting them sick with the hope that in a day or two, I will no longer be running a fever and can visit with them. I had a fairly decent day, just really washed out and drained but spiked another fever this evening – the headache, chills, and coughing are about to do me in!

Bree has always been attached to her Pop and probably didn’t even notice I wasn’t there!


  1. Hope that you are feeling better soon. Viruses and overall ickiness hit our family too. At least we were able to stay in and rest. Our son had to drive his family back to TN and that worsened his virus. Not the way to ”ring in a New Year”.

  2. Sorry you are sick and missed days to visit. Those darned grand daughters and there Papas!!
    Hope you feel better quick!
    xx, Carol

  3. I’m still sick too. I do hope you feel better soon. My oldest son became a grandpa this March and she adores him over almost anyone. And of course, he adores her too.

  4. So disappointing to miss dinner with the family. Looks like Keith had a good time though. I hope you feel better soon so you are able to join in on the fun!

  5. Did you get a flu shot? We get a flu shot every year & have for years. We also get the pneumonia shot too. Neither keep me from getting bronchitis which I get most years. I hope you feel better.

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