Thanks for all the comments, I am feeling a little better but still a long way from well. Luckily, I don’t have a lot of demands on my time right now so I’m working when I feel like it and resting when I need to. I’m thankful that I at least feel well enough to work and tonight I quilted this 16 patch top pieced by little Mary in Maine. I give them a hard time because calling her little Mary must make me BIG Mary …

It’s quilted with one of my new pantographs called Kindle by Lorien Quilting. She designs some of my favorites!

I also made a little change to the machine. I dislike the Innova side clamps, they’re small and even worse, heavy.

I didn’t like the original clamps that came with my Gammill either but after a bit of trial and error, I’d found clamps that I really like about 8 years ago. When I traded in my machine, I gave them the original clamps but kept the ones I liked thinking I might use them on the new machine only they connected by a strip of Velcro to the frame and I didn’t think that would work on the new frame. Tonight for the first time, I realized I could probably just tie the bungee cord from the Innova clamp to the ones I like …. and it worked. These hold a larger area and they’re a lot lighter so they don’t weigh down the edges!


  1. Hi Mary! Great job in keeping the clamp – it does look like a good one. Nice and strong and sturdy plus holding quite a bit of fabric. Just take it easy – those bugs are hard to get over. Besides, you have that wonderful porch to enjoy! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Thanks for this idea on clamps. My Handi quilter has a very small clamp I hate and now rarely use. I think I will try your idea, I have some of these lighter plastic clamps for chips. Glad to hear you are better, so am I.

  3. Clever idea on how to use the clamps! They do look like they would be better. I thought of flames when I saw the quilting design so the name Kindle didn’t surprise me.

  4. Interesting, my clamps look the same but are from the dollar store kitchen section. I have them attached with cored elastic and a stop slider to lengthen or shorten the cor as needed.

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