After working a bit on the Tumblers tonight, I loaded and quilted this Quick Strippie. It’s one I bought home from the Maine sew-in and I think it was pieced by Susan.

My goal is to get the 6 tops I brought home from Maine quilted this month. I want to get the bindings on them and ready for hand stitching before we go to Maine for the month of April … that SHOULD be doable!

I used a new service tonight – our insurance company has an arrangement with one of the online physician services and I developed a sinus infection on top of having the flu. I gave it an additional week since many sinus infections are viral but it’s not improving (and Keith and my Mom were hounding me to go to the doctor) I thought I’d give the online service a try. Other than having to fill in the health history before the visit, it was pretty quick and easy and she sent in a prescription for an antibiotic… and I didn’t even have to leave home!


  1. I had a sinus issue that was awful for two weeks and then went into bronchitis. Finally got meds and I’m feeling great now. Hope you are on the mend soon too.

  2. Hope the medication will help you feel better. I just love the focus fabric in the Quick Strippie quilt. I have used your pattern many times. Love how it makes a quick but also cute quilt. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern, Mary!

  3. Feel better soon! We haven’t tried that type of medical service, but our insurance company has a similar deal. Feel better soon and at least you were able to get a bit of quilting done!

  4. I have never heard of online physician services. That would be pretty handy but it does surprise me that they would prescribe antibiotics over the phone. Maybe the fact that you are an RN helped a little? That is such cute material in that quilt. And your quilting looks great! I am still plugging away making Hunter Star blocks. Will probably take me forever, although having the die certainly helps a lot.

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