The Tumblers are assembled and count as my precut project for January. I cut the tumblers with my 6 inch finished GO die and there are 13 tumblers across and 14 rows down making it about 58 x 84, a little larger than my usual donation quilts but I had extra tumblers so I used them.

I’ve been thinking about what my quilting goals are for this year … nothing too lofty.

  • Piece a top each month for our Precut Party
  • Keep my UFO number to 22 or below so I’ll need to quilt one top for each quilt I start with 12 of them being UFO’s.
  • quilt and bind the 6 tops from Maine
  • quilt whatever Mom throws at me!


  1. I haven’t used my die yet. This large tumbler seems to sew up quickly, according to how soon we see the top after you mention cutting for it. Looks very nice.

  2. Really pretty top, I’m liking these fall colors more and more. I counted my UFO’s yesterday and was appalled at how many I had. I think there were 12 child/lap size and maybe 13 queen size. My friend quilted her queen in 3 hours and said she will practice her free motion on my child lap quilts. I’m giving all mine to St Judes when finished. My queen size will be Christmas gifts hopefully. These are all finished quilt tops and I have two not fully assembled. And now I’m trying to buy orange charm squares for a quilt I’ve my eye on for a long time. Quilters quilt!

  3. That is so cute! I didn’t realize there are two tumbler sizes. Now I will need to get that size too. The small one works great with charm packs though. Fall colors are my favorite so of course I love the colors. I have a few UFO’s and my goal was to finish those before starting anything else, but I have already messed that up by doing the Hunter Star quilt. They will be next….

  4. I haven’t done any tumbler quilts yet, but it’s on my “some day” list. I have a small tumbler ruler but think I like this larger one a lot more.

  5. Love the fabric of the quilt you posted yesterday. Can’t seem to find anything like it on line. Would help if I knew who it was by. Any chance was there a name on the edges of the fabric? Thanks for any help you can profide.

  6. I love, love, love this “Tumbler” quilt, Mary! I’ve always wanted to make one (even bought a tumbler template) but seeing yours now has really inspired me. Will you put a border on this? How do you finish off the ends? Just take a ruler whack the excess off? I love it! Great job!!!

  7. Is that a line from Connecting Threads? It looks familiar to me… I think I may have a jelly roll from that line that I got to make a quilt for one of the hospices I make them for.

  8. Love the Tumblers – I have the die, but haven’t found the energy to start a quilt!

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