The best medicine!

I hadn’t planned to sew at all today, I just felt too bad but I was sitting in the library after feeding Finn and looking at options for my next quilt and decided to go up and pull some fabric. 3 hours later I was ready for a break.

A while back, a year or more ago I found a line of map fabric from Connecting Threads that I fell in love with and I bought a LOT of it, yards and yards and yards of it. I pieced this Ohio Star quilt last year (it’s still waiting for quilting)…

And I knew when I made the dinosaur quilt for Caleb, that I wanted to use that pattern again with the map fabric.

So tonight, I pulled 5 fabrics and got started. This pattern came free with a bundle I bought from a quilt show but I found it online at Pinterest when you all had questions about it when I was piecing the dinosaur quilt. Click here to see it. Obviously the second page of the instructions showing the borders isn’t there but it’s the only place I could find it online to share with you … and neither of mine are going to have borders anyway.


  1. (A) I saw & LOVED that map fabric, too! (B) the dinosaur quilt is adorable. (C) I’ve seen & LOVE that “5 Yard” pattern to Yay! This is fabulous, tho booooo… you still feel crummy & I’m sorry about that. But you have a great new quilt top, right? And Finn’s fed, so…

  2. I don’t know anyone who can cut and sew as fast as you!!! I loved that quilt pattern with the dinosaurs and I love it with your map fabric. I know you don’t like going to the doctor (I HATE going to the doctor); however, if your online prescription doesn’t make you well soon, please go.

  3. I made a 5 yard quilt a couple years ago. I love the pattern but always forget about it. I need to get it out and put it where I can see it I guess. And I love your map fabric! I can’t believe how much you get done while not feeling well.

  4. Hi Mary! I am always drawn to maps whether the fabric or paper kind. I can study them for hours. It’s fun to see older ones to note how boundaries have changed, countries either don’t exist or have changed their name, and even the terrain has changed as well. Love, love, LOVE this quilt. I should look for that fabric so I can pass on my love of maps to the littles. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. It takes awhile to get to feeling normal but it does look like your quilting mojo has come back. All these tops are fantastic!

  6. I live that map fabric too. When you first mentioned it I went to CT online, but it was gone. Good thing you bought a bunch of it.

  7. Hi Mary! I also bought loved and bought the map fabrics from Connecting Threads. My plans for them are a bed runner, curtains, pillow shams and perhaps a rug of some kind. All items will go in my guest room, which is decorated with travel related items. This fabric was perfect for that! Susan
    P.S. I love the quilts!

  8. The pattern for the dinosaur quilt is just ideal for the map fabric too. Perfect when you want to showcase a particular print. Looking good! Glad you are feeling up to sewing again.

  9. I’m sorry to hear that you are still not feeling 100%. That flu is really something! It is nice you can do something relaxing while you recuperate but get a lot of sleep too! My husband won’t let me near the sewing room when I’m down with a cold so I have to pretend I feel better than I do just to work in a few sewing minutes!

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