A new blanket

I’m working on a hat but set it aside to start a new blanket today. This one is really easy using the self striping yarn and it’s really pretty in different colors too if you don’t mind weaving all the ends in … I love the free patterns on the Attic24 website but I’m lazy so I prefer the self striping yarn to weaving those all ends!

  • Pattern – Trellis Stripe, free on Lucy’s Attic 24 website
  • Yarn – Caron Big Cakes in the Grape Jelly colorway
  • Hook size is (I)
  • Starting chain – 132

The plan is to load a top on the longarm this evening (Keith is out of town again so I’ll work a bit tonight), maybe make a few blocks for the map quilt after loading the top and I’ll finish off my evening with more crochet!


  1. The purple is sure pretty. I keep looking at some of the crochet patterns and thinking one of these days I’m going to crochet again. I was never very good at knitting, but figure I can relearn to crochet a lot easier than relearning to knit. Maybe when I retire if that ever happens.

  2. You’ve been busy. I love attic24 blog and I’m working on the Sweet Pea blanket myself now. I’d like to see this new one full length.

  3. Yay! You are using Grape Jelly… I like the way this pattern is working up. Looks great! I just bought 5 skeins of the Caron Big Cakes yarn in Cherry Compote. Looking forward to seeing how it works up. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  4. I can’t find the pattern for the border! Please help!! Love the colours of Grape Jelly 😍😍

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