I love it when I get more accomplished than planned in a day. I intended to load this one today and quilt it tomorrow but I got it loaded and quilted this evening. I’m pretty sure this 16 patch was pieced by Jackie – it’s #3 of 6 I brought home from the Maine sew-in to quilt and finish. The goal is to get all 6 quilted this month.

Pantograph is call Mermaid Fingers by Apricot Moon designs. It’s the first time I’ve used this one and it’s kind of an elongated, teardrop shaped meandering.

I also managed to make a lot of progress on the Map quilt last night and I did another row of blocks today. Just two more rows to go.


  1. Hi Mary! That map quilt is really coming together quickly. And that teardrop quilting pattern looks nice. I have issues being consistent with a size of a meandering stitch (no panto) – sometimes it is large and loose like this, while other times I get too dense. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Mermaid Fingers – what a fun design! I agree it’s a great feeling when we accomplish more than planned. I haven’t been in my sewing room since Sunday but hope to get some sewing done tomorrow. Yesterday and today I’m working some long hours prepping contracts for work. I’m nearly ready to ship those big contract books out for signatures. Then I can start on the next set. Uggg – work still cuts into my sewing time lately.

  3. You are really buzzing right along on those quilts, Mary! I’m hoping that means you’re feeling a little better?

  4. Glad you are feeling up to quilting again, Mary. I like your quilting on the 16 patch but I don’t think I made it. Maybe Brenda or Bev did.

  5. Mary, might be wise to have your finger look at. When I did the same, mine became infected. A deep cleaning with a brush, without pain med and $600.00 later. Took a long time to heal, but I have a perfect finger again, with just one little spot that has no feeling. As I recall, you came to Fremont a few months later … right?

  6. I’ve enjoyed using my Mermaid Fingers a lot. Your 16 patch is perfect for that quilting design. Sometimes I just pick the wrong quilt for my Mermaid Fingers — boo!

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