I know I whined about being sick most of the month and I felt pretty bad for 3 weeks so I’m a bit shocked at my results for January. It just goes to show that progress can be made even working for short amounts of time in the sewing room and that lots of knitting and crochet can be done when I can’t sleep! Of course almost nothing got done around the house and when I get home I need to get back to my daily organizing and decluttering.

January results

• Light and dark Heartstrings top assembled
• Tumbler top made
• All the blocks for the Map quilt pieced
• 32 Rainbow HeartStrings blocks made

• 6 tops quilted

Knitting and crochet
• 3 hats knit
• 2 blankets crocheted
• A 3rd blanket is 3/4 finished

• 1 quilt bound and it just happens to be my first UFO finish for 2020

5 thoughts on “January

  1. Hooray for you. I also know that we quilters are hardy even if we are sick. Just think of how much you accomplish when you are well !


  2. True that! I’m a pokey sew-er and am always discouraged by how little I seem to accomplish…..until I start adding it all up! Then, I’m amazed!


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