Thank you all for the feedback on the wool pressing mats. I used some steam with mine last night and there was no odor… from the comments it seems some have an issue and others don’t. I am definitely considering buying a larger one that will cover the entire big board but I’m going to hold off and use the block size one for a while.

Today’s appointment was the dentist – I had to have a filling replaced and didn’t get in the sewing room until late. I don’t have any new photos to share although I still have to take a photo of the whale Strippie that I finished binding last week. Other than that I’m still just plugging away on my list … the map quilt is more than half assembled, I’m working on the yellow crochet blanket, the printer was purchased and is set up, and one of the Maine quilts has been trimmed and the binding is machine stitched to the front, I’m going to save all the hand stitching on them for April when I’m actually in Maine.


  1. Mary, I have a wool pressing map and am very happy with it. Don’t find it smells woolly, but think excess water might cause that problem.

    What printer did you get? We recently replaced our old one with another from the same brand and I found the color was disgusting – not suitable for printing photos at all. So went to Epsom as they have good inks.

  2. Oh thanks for the feedback–I just ordered a small one to put near my machine for ironing seams…
    and i have a Little iron there for it too. Making such little piece works need a lot of ironing…
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Appointments that break up my day almost always kills any ambition or momentum I had in the sewing room. So you’ve done well in spite of interruptions.

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