Granny Square Blanket

Normally I don’t do blankets with holes for babies but I just felt like doing a granny square blanket … not lots of squares … just one big one.

  • Pattern – Marble Baby Throw – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Premier DK Colors – this is a new yarn I’m trying that I bought a while back on sale at so far so good, it’s very soft.
  • Hook size – G

And no, I haven’t woven the ends in on the yellow blanket yet … I do need to get that done Overall I try to finish one completely before starting another but it doesn’t always happen.

Keith got home tonight and once I go to bed, I’m looking forward to sleeping in since he’ll be here to take care of Finn in the morning. Tomorrow I need to load and quilt a top to finish of my list for the week.

One thought on “Granny Square Blanket

  1. Can’t wait to see this one finished. I have seen these online and am always tempted to make one. I love making granny squares. Years ago I made my then 2 yr old daughter a granny square hat with a small ruffle edge. It was the cutest hat but of course I lost the pattern and the hat unfortunately. I would love to find one like it so I can make one for my little great granddaughter.


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