The last item on this week’s list is done! It’s rare for a top of mine to go straight from the design wall to the longarm but I decided the heart pantograph would look good on this Charm Square top too. Don’t you love the texture quilting brings to a top?! Pantograph is Leafy Love.

And how cute are my little Valentines?! Becky is so good about sending me photos of the girls. I sent all the kids cards for Valentine’s Day and I’m assuming that Caleb and Bree got theirs but Becky doesn’t leave me wondering!

Keith and I chose to stay home rather than go out so I cooked him one of his favorite meals and we had a quiet evening – it was perfect!

7 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. I’m so glad you got a pic of the girls enjoying their cards. I sent a box off to CA that was supposed to be there Wednesday but it’s still in transit. Even though I sent it priority, with changes to the service and recent rate changes the PO no longer offers step by step tracking even though you send priority. HOWEVER for just a little more you can buy more detailed tracking. That just ticks me off.


  2. That is a great design. Wish I used more of the pantograph I have but it is such a pain to go back and forth around the machine whenever the thread breaks. I have an old APQS Ultimate purchased in 2001.


  3. Adorable quilt and adorable girls!! We didn’t go out either. Headed out to a college basketball game after work but hit icy roads, so we just turned around and went home. Dave drove through a fast food restaurant for food. We went home and listened to the game online. And I discovered that the meal I ordered was not what was in the bag. Oh well.


  4. Cute, cute little valentine girls!! My husband and I stayed in also and we cooked dinner together. After running around doing errands in all the traffic it was perfect just staying home. That pantograph is perfect. I love getting my quilts back from the quilter. She always does a beautiful job and it is like looking at a different quilt. The quilting just brings everything together and makes it complete.


  5. As a former waitress I can tell you that you made the right decision. The 2 days or worst service and quality in the restaurant industry are Valentines Day and Mother’s Day. However, the night before these holidays are great nights to eat out!


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