I want to sew ….

Just a few days before we head out on a business trip/vacation to St Martin … the Dutch side I think … I want to sew but there are so many things around here I’ve let slide… laundry, mail, straightening up after our company … I got the laundry going, made up the guest bed with clean sheets, and am about to get the mail and pay any bills before we head out. I don’t think I’m going to have time to sew but maybe I’ll trim a quilt, get a binding on … we’ll see.

Believe it or not we’re also house hunting … online. Are you indecisive? I thought Tampa was going to be our eventual retirement home … (I’m 58 and Keith is 57) But it’s looking like I was wrong … believe it or not, we’re looking at homes in Big Canoe … north GA where we just sold our condo a couple years ago. We’ve always loved the area, it’s closer to the kids … and closer to my Mom and my family although we wouldn’t be able to live there full time for now due to the amount Keith travels. I’ve spoken to a realtor and we’re planning a trip next month so we’ll see what happens


  1. Big Canoe is lovely. We live about 2 hours from there in Northwest Georgia. Started you knitted hat pattern and love it. Thank you so very much for sharing it..

  2. I had no clue where it is so I checked online and two words stopped me: gated and HOA. The pictures are beautiful. Good luck in your search.

  3. I hope you find a home you love in Big Canoe like you loved your prior home there. Best of luck finding the perfect Retirement location. We both turn 59 in May. We have our 2 just 2.5 hours apart and I know what it means to feel “settled for life”. Small enough to manage, single level, no stairs, no round knobs to turn with arthritic hands etc.

    I wish you a wonderful relaxing time in St Martin!

  4. My husband and I are also house hunting online. We have moved many times in the 36yrs we’ve been married. And we should stay put where we are since we have a rambler house with plenty of room and a small enough yard that we can manage on our own. But the traffic is a complete nightmare and getting worse and that is what is driving us to look for a quieter town. I am hoping this urge passes though because all 5 kids, 8 grandkids and one great-granddaughter live in the area. I like having them all close by and would miss that terribly. So I am resisting the urge right now and trying to convince my husband moving is a bad idea at our age. It sure is tempting though!! I don’t blame you for wanting to be close to family, and I bet they would love having you closer too. It is very important as we age. Enjoy your trip!!

  5. Well, We went on line to look for a place in CA. There are lots of retirement communities, most are expensive condos or trailer park places. Nope, not for us. Finally we found land with a trailer on it. 20 acres, remove that tear down trailer and 4 sheds and replace with new home and pole barn. Not sure how long all that will take, but we are going. I can’t wait to live closer to my grandson and his family including a new little girl that will make her appearance in just a couple of weeks!
    xx, Carol

  6. Enjoy your vacation, Mary! I’ll be interested to see how this move thing goes. Many positives for you two heading back to Big Canoe, but oh how I will miss the pictures from “home.”

  7. As you get older you will need to think about living where you don’t have steps. You are not there yet it sounds like but a health issue could come up unexpectedly. I’m so glad we moved two years ago off the water. My hubby had heart surgery. He went in for a yearly routine stress test & ended up with a 5 by pass surgery. It was a total shock. No symptoms. So… you just never know. Where we live now our HOA fee covers everything needed done outside including a new roof. Living on the water is a lot of upkeep. We made the right decision. Good luck to you in your house hunt. Can’t blame you for wanting to be closer to family.

  8. My daughter and her husband are looking to buy a house too, online! I don’t understand how it can be done! They find realtors sites and send me some so that I can see what they are looking at but I’d have to go in person and wander the streets and sit in the rooms before I could buy a house!

  9. Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) is very much like Big Canoe in seasons – except we don’t get many snowfalls – the hills are not high enough. The winter can be cold though: -5C to -10C (14F) overnight in winter. I like to go north for several months in winter if I can, but I also enjoy having 4 seasons. I can’t imagine moving more than 1-2 hours from my children and grandchildren who live here. I can see that some people will not like gated communities or HOA fees, but as we get older (we are in our 70s) and perhaps not as healthy, we need to look at the benefits of not having to worry about outside maintenance and security. We are facing having to move as this house and garden are getting too big for us. Atlanta looks to be about an hour away so you have a big city close enough if you need it. Good luck in your search and you can take as long as you like to find the perfect place.

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