Dinner on the water

I’m not sewing this weekend but I have been working on the granny square blanket and am enjoying it so much I looked up a pattern for a granny square ripple to try next. I have made progress on my non-sewing to do list and we took time out for a bike ride late this afternoon and had dinner at Ballast Point Park, sitting by the water. Beautiful!

I do need to start a hat to take with me on my trip. Since they’re so quick and I’m going to be gone almost a week I’ll pack a couple extra skeins too in case I finish it.


  1. I’m making this one right now, in a pretty silvery gray for my daughter. I made one 35 years ago for my husband and she took it when she moved to Florida. The original is made with the old, squeaky. acrylic yarn and has yellow nail polish on it, so I thought a new one was in order! The pattern is easy to memorize and works up quickly. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/v-stitch-shell-2

  2. Just finished reading your Blog from beginning to end and really enjoyed it all. Love the relationship with your boys. That’s rare! My sister lived in Florida for years On the east coast , near West Palm Beach. I went there a few times, but didn’t really like it ,to hot for me. I live in New England And love the change of seasons and also Florida is to flat! Great for boating tho’ ! Maine will always have a place in my heart. I had a place there for years on Deer Island it’s near Acadia national park. the place in Georgia sounds great. I can see that you would be happy there. Especially near your children and grandchildren. Aren’t the grandchildren wonderful!! I just love to listen to mine. They live right around me. Love your Quilts and crochet and knitting. I am a quilter and I knit and crochet to,so it’ such a treat reading your blog ! Take super care of yourself! xo

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