A free day

Actually, two free days … I love not having stuff already scheduled. This morning I finished crocheting the granny square afghan, made more chisel stars, and then we went for a bike ride along the bay to the village. I know I just shared a photo yesterday but I have enough blocks done now that you can see the light tessellating stars that form where the blocks come together. . I just need 20 blocks for this quilt so you can see how fast these are to make.

Does it count as exercise when you’re biking somewhere to have a beer?!


  1. Absolutely it counts! Biking somewhere to have a beer sounds great – especially in February when winter has begun to wear on me. But I did walk from my hotel to a restaurant last night to have a margarita with my niece. And I walked back. It was only a block but I still considered it exercise. LOL

  2. The stars are fabulous! And yes… it counts if you’re going for a beer or a bear or whatever… LOL!

  3. Those blocks are going to make a wonderful quilt. I couldn’t quite figure out how it would go together but can see it now. It will be beautiful. And yes, biking and beer go together for sure. My good friend and I used to go to exercise class and then walk around the corner to a restaurant for a piece of pie. We felt we earned it.

  4. Where do I find the Chisel Star pattern because I would like to make one of those. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.

  5. Hello Mary…..I was wondering if you would share with us what software you use for the designing of your quilts – Also is it an Apple product or PC product…..Thank you for your time!

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