I got to Mom’s yesterday and today we drove to my sister’s house in Maryland. We have a couple projects we want to work on during our visit and we made a start tonight.

I also snapped a photo of the knit blanket I started before I left home … I brought a hat to work on during my trip but I haven’t taken it out yet …. the blanket will be waiting when I get home.


  1. Happy family time with a lot of sewing going on! My sister is visiting, and we have doing a lot of sewing too. So much fun! Tell your Mom she looks great! :o)

  2. Love seeing your mom so happy!! Have a great time and love the pattern for your knitted blanket! Very pretty!!

  3. Your Mom looks wonderful and such a beautiful smile her whole face lights up.Every bodies looks happy. I think your sister looks like your Mom? Maybe? Like the blanket your working on too! You all are busy, busy ! Take care!

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