More sewing

I don’t have photos of the projects we’ve been working on … Yesterday, I helped Mom with a wallhanging and Ann with her blocks for a table runner. Then Ann decided that she wanted to make some placemats so I found a simple idea from a photo online and drafted the measurements and we went off to Joann’s today to get some fabric for them. Mom decided she wanted to make some too so we also found her fabric. I didn’t buy fabric but I found a couple skeins of yarn to make Ann a scarf and this recipe book. There are some yummy looking recipes that I can’t wait to try.

Ann has an Instant Pot she has only used once and a new air fryer so we decided we’d cook a couple meals to encourage her to use them! Chicken Nachos tonight in the Instant Pot … and tomorrow BBQ chicken with homemade fries. I don’t like going to the grocery store but it was on our way home. Luckily, Ann knew the store well because I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to find everything. It was big and crowded. I’m spoiled because Keith does our grocery shopping!


  1. I feel the same about shopping for groceries, and so grateful my husband likes to do it. We made a deal last year that he would make the decisions about what we would eat, and I would cook. After 40+ years of coming up with menus, it’s a relief!

  2. My dad did all of the grocery shopping too. He really enjoyed it. I don’t mind grocery shopping, especially if I can explore a new store. I’m missing the Joanne’s store that was in Sioux Falls. A tornado last fall destroyed it and so far no word on when – or IF – it will be rebuilt.

  3. Looks and sounds like you are having a great time. My husband and I share the grocery shopping but I don’t mind doing it and can find things faster. I had an Instant Pot but it scared the heck out of me so I gave it to my daughter. She loves it! You are so lucky to have both your Mom and Sister who share your love of sewing.

  4. I’m not crazy about grocery shopping either. When I was younger it never bother me at all, now that I’m older it does, but you have to eat ,so off go. The cook book looks . I subscribe to taste of home! Great mag. How’s the hat coming along? Doing placemats are fun . They make good Christmas gifts. Take care

  5. It looks like you’re shopping at Wegmans! I shop at a Wegmans in Corning NY.
    Enjoy your family time, you’re sure to make memories!

  6. I really should use my instant pot more. Shopping for groceries has changed a little for us this year. We used to go and get a lot of stuff once a month then make little trips if we needed something. We shop at Walmart because it is 1 mile from our home. We can no longer wander around the store getting large loads in the cart. It just wears us out!! So we are going more often and picking up what is on the list we keep. We try to do that on the way back from one appointment or another. Life tasks need adjustments as we age, and we are leaving our home less often.
    xx, Carol

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