Sunshine is nice but I like cloudy days too. Clouds make for pretty sunsets.

And since I don’t tolerate the heat well (due to the suppression treatment for my thyroid cancer), a cloudy day by the pool is perfect too!

We go back to the house tomorrow but I’ll have to put everything away in the kitchen and even if they say it’s not necessary to wash dishes … I will be washing all my dishes too so I don’t expect to sew before it’s time to head to GA on Saturday to see the kids and house hunt at Big Canoe. I’m excited about that trip but I certainly didn’t plan my spring very well this year … not nearly enough time left for sewing and if we DO find a place in Big Canoe, the plan is to spend a good part of the summer there and we’re going to Maine and Hatteras this spring too. I have a feeling my productivity this year is going to suffer!


  1. We never know where the next turn is on our life road. I try to go with the flow, and enjoy the bumps and valleys whenever possible. Sending good thoughts your way

  2. Finding a house in Big Canoe will be VERY productive and so wonderful for you and all of your family!!
    I hope you can find one with a big sewing studio room. And for all the days you don’t sew, you surely will be knitting or crocheting. That’s a very exciting trip.

  3. I remember how much you loved your time in Big Canoe! Hope you find the perfect place!

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