Ring Doorbell

Chris set me up with a Ring doorbell months ago… maybe longer… and I really love being able to see who’s at the door and to keep an eye on things when we’re gone.

I’ve been looking in now and then and was able to see when the tent went up yesterday and they’re taking it down now. Technically, we could go back to the house later this evening but since we would have had to check out of the hotel earlier today and because I decided it wouldn’t hurt to let the house “air” out a bit longer we won’t go home until tomorrow morning.


  1. When my grandson was here at Christmas he installed cameras around our home. We can see pretty much everything. Terry’s biggest kick is to watch the dogs and yell to them through the cameras. You’ve had a nice time away but bet you’ll be glad to be home. Hope you have a dishwasher to wash all those dishes, lol.
    xx, Carol

  2. I bet you are anxious to get back home. We also have a Ring but everything sets it off. It’s irritating and sometimes I wish we didn’t have it. Hope you can get some sewing in before you have to leave again.

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