Toilet Paper

I wasn’t obsessed with toilet paper until we’d gone to the store several times and found the TP aisle completely wiped out … then I started to worry a little …

We went to Big Canoe today to house hunt and we were meeting the realtor at the small shopping center nearby … there’s an IGA grocery store and we were a little early so I suggested we go in and see if they had any toilet paper and the rolls for the meatball subs we were going to have for dinner since the Publix had been out of them when Chris had gone yesterday.

I was thrilled to find both …. but mostly thrilled about the toilet paper … I bought enough to share with Chris and Becky and to take some home. I think in the future I might buy Costco size packages of toilet paper to keep on hand so I don’t have to worry about running out!

So… we found a couple houses that would work for us today during the house hunt. Neither house is perfect but I could be happy in either one. We made an offer on one … kind of a low offer but we’ll see what happens. If we can’t agree on a price we’ll move on to house #2.

House #1 has 4 bedrooms and a couple bonus rooms … plenty of space for guests and the longarm but house #2 was my favorite so we’ll see how Keith’s negotiations go!

And finally, I can’t resist sharing this … at Chris’ house they have an eat in kitchen as well as a formal dining room. Mo’s high chair stays in the eat in kitchen but two of the nights we’ve been here for dinner we’ve eaten in the dining room … I couldn’t believe it on the first night when they told her to go get her chair and she did … pushing it from the kitchen to the dining room …. tonight when she did it again, I had to snap a photo. She’s just 2 … but smart and cute … and perfectly happy to move her own chair for dinner!


  1. Congrats on the TP and sub rolls! Hope the house you get turns out to be a perfect fit! Adorable that she is both willing and able to get her chair so she can join in the fun!

  2. How cute – have chair will eat! Our Costco was out of TP for a week and are now limiting 1 pkg per person! Bread seems to be popular here in Michigan and the grocery shelves are bare. Stay healthy and safe!

  3. I buy TP once a month in a large mega roll pack. We don’t use that much, but sometimes I just gift it to may daughter to save her grocery dollars. Hope you get the house you want. Yup, that’s how self confidence and pride of accomplishment start…moving your own chair to where you want it to be. Congratulations Chris.. You GET IT!
    xx, Carol

  4. Darling picture of Mo pushing her high chair to the dining room. They are so eager to help at that age. The house in the pictures looks really nice. I hope you get the one you want. Will you stay in Tampa some or spend most of your time in Big Canoe? The toilet paper thing is just crazy. I am sure we have enough and we have not been panicky about anything so far but I am starting to think maybe I should look for some more toilet paper. Have fun and good luck on the house!

  5. Isn’t it fun when those little ones learn some new task or skill. I’ll bet she feels very grown up when she pushes her chair into the room. Love the glimpses of the house you showed. Beautiful.

  6. Isnt that crazy!! I was told this morning there was about 1/4 mile long line to get into sams…. Sigh.. Glad you found what you needed. And those houses – WOW!

  7. Mo is adorable and doing a great job at helping! Glad you had a good time visiting with them! Hopefully you will get the house you want and be happy there! Take care and stay well…

  8. Hi Mary! Aww, sweet Mo. What a cutie pie she is! She wants to eat with everyone so she doesn’t mind getting her chair! Good luck on getting the house you want. I hope it turns our just the way you hope. Will you be closer to family in Big Canoe? IGA! We used to have an IGA here when I was a kid. I didn’t know they still existed. Score on the TP. I wish I could say I was so lucky – I’ve been trying for over a week now . . . ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Ah, different states, different plans. We had already stayed home mostly our own plan by mid March. We’d plan to go out to dinner for dh’s bd and decided not to. We haven’t seen any TP for weeks now. We’re not out but we’ve been looking for a while with no success. Soon, we’ll be branching out as to where we will be looking instead of just when we go grocery shopping.

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