Heading Home

We’re on the road heading home … our usual stop for breakfast and bathroom break at McDonald’s was complicated by the fact they only had the drive through open so I’m sitting here in the grocery store parking lot while Keith runs in to use their bathroom and we decided he’d pick up some crackers and canned soup for dinner while he’s in there.

I had some cuddles last night with my girls.

And when we left this morning they were all set up for home schooling/working from home. School and daycare have been canceled, Becky is working from home now except for some occasions where she may have to go in, Chris will be doing a combination of working in the office and staying home as the situation requires.

Unfortunately, Adam is going to be hit the hardest – they both work in the hotel industry and hours have been cut and layoffs have already occurred.

I hope all of you and your families will weather this storm OK. We’ve cancelled our Maine trip and I plan on spending some quality time with my sewing machine!


  1. It’s such a stressful time for young families in particular. But the smiles in your photo will keep you going. Both of my daughters work in health care (OT and RT) and just keep hoping their day cares stay open as they don’t have the option of working from home. One son-in-law has 2 jobs – both impacted greatly. He works on the building maintenance team at a school (closed) and bartender in a restaurant 4 nights a week (may as well be closed). Plus his mother just moved in with them 2 weeks ago due to a mild stroke. But I keep telling myself it could be worse. We are all healthy so far.

  2. Love the smiles on the girls! It must be hard to leave them. This situation is certainly a challenge for everyone. I have mostly been staying home since I am battling a mild cold but did need to run to Costco yesterday to pick up new eyeglasses. I did not shop other than that. Crazy place. I did stop at the grocery store and it is so eerie seeing all the empty shelves. I will be sewing too. It’s a fun distraction from all the chaos. Stay well and safe travels back home!

  3. Your granddaughters are so adorable and you look so content with them! Yes we are in a scary state. It’s such a rapid virus. Liked the house you showed. enjoy your quilting! All of you stay safe!!

  4. Safe journey, and we’ll all look for the positives we can find during an unheard of public health crisis in my time. I’ll be at home with my sewing machine and my husband.

  5. We have our fourteen month old granddaughter is living with us for an indefinite amount of time as her daycare was closed by the WI Governor as closures continue nation wide. Our daughter works at a hospital and as the COVID crisis ramps up she has a heavier work load, requiring her to be there endless hours each day. Every day brings news of a longer period of time required for sheltering in place. MN confirmed cases have increased by 50% daily since beginning more a week ago. I hope you and Keith will both be able to stay home now. Stay healthy.

  6. We had a “last” visit with 2/3 of our family last weekend, before we all self-quarantined. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to the grands, not knowing when we’d see them again. A trip to see the balance of the family had to be canceled, as well as a quilting retreat with a dear friend. I believe podcasts and my sewing machine will save my sanity. And movies! I have a big list of great/funny/classic movies to watch while binding or doing other hand-sewing. And books! I’m not likely to run out of books, fortunately..We’ll get through this, I expect, with fortitude, kindness and a lot of humor.

  7. First the health crisis and now the economic crisis on top of that. Our prayers from all over the world are needed!

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