These are crazy times we’re living in … schools, restaurants, businesses closing. The consequences will be far reaching for us all and I know it seems like an insane time to buy a house but Keith and I started this process before the current crisis and after a lot of thought and discussion decided to follow through. This is going to be our retirement home and we pulled money from the Market to fund it … Keith would say property is probably a safer place to park our money right now so if it seems I’m just merrily going about my life without a concern for what is going on … that is NOT what is happening here.

So while I’ll talk here about the new house, I’m not ignoring what’s going on around me. If you remember, I posted these photos the other day of the house we were making an offer on … two stories with all the main living spaces on one level but with room for my quilting and guests on a terrace level. Our offer was accepted and we are in the process of assembling all the documents and scheduling inspections for a closing on April 8.

I did manage to get a little sewing time in today … after clearing off spaces and doing some organization, unpacking from my trip, and various tasks required for the closing of the Big Canoe house, I pieced a backing, loaded it on the longarm and reviewed my pantographs. I may, or may not do a pantograph on this wallhanging of Mom’s. It makes sense to freehand quilt it but I’m not sure about my ability to do a good job on it so I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow. This evening ….. I’m starting to hand stitch a binding on one of the Maine quilts … I’d put that off thinking I was going to bind and crochet during the month we had in Maine but that trip has been canceled so I have 6 quilts to bind now!


  1. Back to the great state of a Georgia! Lots of nice quilt fabric stores around that area. We always stopped at the grocery store you were talking about on our way home from visiting daughter when she was in college in Dalongha.

  2. That looks like a wonderful house and I’m happy for you that your offer was accepted! That’s a big thing that you can cross off your list!

  3. Congratulations Mary. The house looks both comfortably large, and cosy. Lots of cupboards in the kitchen. I like that. I love to bake.Hope all goes well for this process. Your closing date isn’t far off.

  4. Mary, this home will be wonderful for you, Keith, Finn, you kids and grands.Now that your termite inspection is finished, you and your current home are probably ready to go on the market. You are certainly an expert packer and I am sure you are hoping that it will be your last move. I know that you love Big Canoe and that being closer to the kids and grands will be a good thing for you all!

  5. The house looks beautiful. Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve done careful planning for a future retirement location closer to family. Good for you!

  6. Mary, hearing about new houses, quilting, your grandkids, anything is better than 24/7 virus so don’t change, OK?

  7. My daughter and husband are trying to buy a house right now too and I’m not so sure it is a good idea or not… But they need to live somewhere and they are moving to Indiana in June… I don’t think anyone knows how to plan for the future in these times…

  8. Hello Mary Thank you, I do enjoy you sharing your stories. Good luck with your house purchase it looks wonderful. I had to look up the location of Big Canoe and what a lovely part of the world it is. Kind regards Lin, from the also lovely, South West of Western Australia

    On Fri, 20 Mar. 2020, 10:27 am Making Scrap Quilts from Stash, wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” These are crazy times we’re living in … schools, > restaurants, businesses closing. The consequences will be far reaching for > us all and I know it seems like a insane time to buy a house but Keith and > I started this process before the current crisis and ” >

  9. Life is crazy right now and I don’t anticipate it getting better soon. I have enough to make it comfortably right now and hope the madness ends. I will be a hermit for a while. Hope everything with the new house works out.

  10. A new house would be a wonderful distraction right now. Enjoy the process. Looks like it will make a lovely retirement home.

  11. We are still waiting on a closing date for our land in CA. I did stumble a bit about moving when this virus hit but we press on!! AND looking forward to it. Your new house looks lovely.
    xx, Carol

  12. You’re not crazy to do what you want for your future. Yes, things are bad right now but we still need to make plans for when this is all behind us. Everything can be done online these days so it makes it easy. We also at one time bought a house in a different part of the state and had to sign all legal documents online. First time ever doing that and it was a little worrisome for us since we are so old school. But all went perfect and as planned. Good luck with the inspections and I hope it all goes smoothly for you and Keith. And yes, real estate is a better option right now than the market. I shudder to think of binding 6 quilts. My least favorite part of the quilt making process. I machine stitch some now and only hand stitch the special ones. Kids don’t care I have come to realize.

  13. Youhave bought a very lovely home. I hope you enjoy it. And WELCOME to Georgia. We’ve made GA our home now for 25 years, originally from New York. We live in North GA , we love the weather, the nature, the parks and forests. Of course we do have a few really nice quilt shops too.
    I’d love to help you get acclimated, if you need any help
    Joan G

  14. Mary, this looks like a lovely house! That porch is wonderful, too! I can see lots of happy hours out there! I think it was probably a bit of a silver lining putting money from the market into the house given what’s going on. I hope everything goes very smoothly for you and its so nice to hear about something “normal!”

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