Back to work

Yesterday after dealing with tasks related to the house purchase, I unpacked from our trip and straightened up some in the sewing room. I had just dumped stuff in there after returning from the VA trip and things had to be moved around for the tenting … when we got back from the hotel after the tenting, I just had a couple days to clean everything and get the kitchen put back together before the GA trip.

After straightening up, I pieced a backing and loaded it on the longarm, the first top to be quilted will be a Wallhanging of Mom’s. I started hand stitching a binding last night and finished it this morning…. one of the quilts from Maine that I was saving to finish up in Maine but since we’re not going now, I need to get those finished.

So … 5 more to bind and after quilting Mom’s Wallhanging, I’d like to get 2 more of my tops quilted and finished … I’ve started 5 new quilts this year and only finished 3 of mine so I’m running behind. The goal is to finish at least as many as I start to keep my UFO number the same or lower than last year. The Chisel blocks need to be assembled into a top too so I’ve got a plan and it’s time to get to work!

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  1. I love the idea of finishing as many quilts as I start! This is so much better than wanting to make X amount of quilts for my New Year resolution. Thanks for the idea!

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