Mom’s Wallhanging is quilted but it’s a total fail … it’s not often that I’m completely unhappy with my quilting but this is one of them. Many mistakes were made … I should have quilted something else first after not quilting for a few weeks, I shouldn’t have done an overall design, I shouldn’t have chosen brown thread …. but it’s done and I’m not picking it out. I feel completely disgusted with myself.

Moving on … that’s one binding done and one top quilted … I’m starting another binding tonight.


  1. Well, for what it’s worth… I think it looks fabulous… I like the leaves with the moose! You’re being too hard on yourself, sweetie.

  2. You’re being too hard on yourself. I think it looks great and is appropriate for the subject.

  3. I really like it too! I think the leaves are perfect for the moose and the brown thread too. I guess since you are the pro you must see things differently. But it really does look great!!

  4. I promise you Mary, that if you come back in a day or two and look at this work, you will feel a bit better about it. It really does look fine, and in my neck of the woods, moose would be found in forests, where there are lots of leaves. Give yourself a little hug, and here’s my hug for you too.

  5. You are being way too hard on yourself. Is it perfect probably not. Is it fun and a great choice for the quilt? Yes. Are the leaves a mood setter? Yes. The brown is eyecatching and adds to the depth. I wish my good jobs were as good as your diappointments. Smile your mom will love it!

  6. I like it. Freehand quilting is not supposed to be perfect and I think most quilters including myself would have chosen brown thread. On a very good day my quilting would not begin to compare to yours! When I’m being too critical on myself, I ask myself if this is going to be entered into a competition and then am able to forgive myself.

  7. It looks great . When I first saw the picture I thought I like that . Then I read the post and saw your not happy with it. Well relax it looks great.

    • My grandmother always told me that if it couldn’t be seen from a galloping horse, it was fine. But for what it’s worth, I like it and I think your mom will too.

  8. I agree with all the above. I prefer lighter threads for my quilts, but darker threads seem to be the current trend . We see that at quilt shows and hubby gets client requests for the darker thread. Give it a second look. You might be surprised.

  9. You choice a perfect color thread to use and your freehand quilting is wonderful. You are too hard on yourself on that quilt. That is only my opinion!, but we quilters can be that way. When you look at it later on you will think different, unless it’s a quilt you won’t see again. Relax and have a good day.

  10. Whew! I’m glad I’m not the only quilter in the world that’s had that “ugh, I don’t like it!” thought after finishing a project. But, after putting it in time out for a while, I usually am ok with it when I look at it again.
    P.S. your cute little wall hanging would not have made it to the time out room at my house!

  11. Mary,,,I was In Cloudcroft, New Mexico a Few weeks ago and while packing the car to come home I heard breaking branches , I turned and it was an Elk about 30 feet away, he was breaking his way through the branches and leaves. Then he came up on the driveway and looked right at me. He was old and gorgeous. He made my day. I got pictures and a video. Your Mum’s wall-hanging reminded me so of this Elk breaking through the branches. Ten deer had just travelled the other way on the same path, but the Elk was so big. So I thought your quilting was great… your Elk was making his own way through the Forest. Your leaves camouflage where they are, which is how they survive. Love it. Love your work. Carolyn

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