My Light and Dark HeartStrings top is quilted and YES, I used the brown thread in the light areas. It works on this quilt … it didn’t work on the moose one! I knew better and used it anyway. You’d think I’d be afraid to make back to back mistakes but I was sure it would be fine on this one. This is a panto that came with the machine and I’m not sure what it’s called but I’ve used it several times already and really like it.

A full view of the quilt …

We biked again today … 10 miles. Still a lot of people walking along Bayshore … and I don’t think they’re meeting 6 foot distance criteria so I’ve asked Keith to stick to bike riding using the bike lanes for exercise right now.

It feels good to get outside even if we have to settle for carrying water with us instead of stopping for a beer and lunch like we usually do!


  1. I love everything about your string quilt! That panto is awesome (looks like it could be a good “go to” or “all purpose” on, which are always good to have). For some reason, lately I’ve been kinda liking dark quilting thread. My quilter used an eggplant thread on a quilt of mine recently & I loved the way it turned out… something different. P. S: I liked the dark thread on the moose quilt but that’s just me.

  2. The alternating light and dark string blocks really makes a sharp look. I like that quilting panto as well.

    Glad you can still get out and bike together. We’re finally seeing temps warm enough this week to get outside. Dave walked yesterday and said there were a LOT of folks out walking dogs and kids.

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