UFO #3 is finished. I feel like I’m catching a up bit which is great because we’ve gone through the inspection process with the new house and our closing is set for April 8. We’ll drive back to Georgia on the 5th of April and stay several weeks.

The pantograph I used is one that came with the machine and it’s turning out to be one of my favorites. Easy to quilt and looks good. This is one of our HeartStrings quilts and rather than just piecing random strips on either side of the center, lights were pieced on one side and medium and darks on the other.

I’m going to head into the sewing room now and start to assemble those chisel Star blocks into a top. I’m also going to grab a couple bins and start packing up projects and supplies to take to Georgia.


  1. Lots of changes and excitement coming up for you! Will you eventually take your long arm to GA? Beautiful quilt as usual!

  2. Very happy for you!! That’s exciting! Did you get the house you wanted?Please be very careful in your travels. This virus is nobody’s friend! We are all con fined to our houses, except for getting groceries or prescriptions and to put gas in your car! Like the quilt with the lights and dark . looks sort of like the log cabin quilts. Hope you are sleeping better! Stay well ! xo

  3. How can you make scraps look so darn good, Mary? Love, love, love this! You are really making a dent in your UFOs. Need some more? LOL!

  4. congrats on your new home inspection going so well.
    I like your scrappy strip quilt , it’s a different layout and very appealing. I like the black framing.
    Stay safe during your move.

  5. Congratulations to you and Keith!!! Since you are staying several weeks, the house must be move-in ready. That would be fantastic!!! But, as Linnell said, please be very careful about who you come in contact with. Hopefully this will start to get better soon; however, right now we are all in lockdown. So
    happy I have a sewing machine and lots of fabric and a bin of yarn. Stay well.

  6. Wonderful news on the new home at Big Canoe. Just imagine all the gatherings and new memories. So happy for you and your family.

  7. I love your arrangement of light and bright/darker fabric strips. Good luck with the house move. Hope you’re allowed during the Covid19 pandemic.

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