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I mentioned a while back that even though it may seem like we’re not paying attention to the COVID 19 crisis because of the Big Canoe purchase, we are. We don’t go out except for the store and biking and I’m taking Finn to the vet today … all allowed under the “lock down”. Moving and relocation services are still considered essential businesses and we kept a safe distance from the realtor while viewing the houses a couple weeks ago (and drove separate cars) and we haven’t come into contact with anyone else during the process.

Yes, we’ll drive to GA … that’s hours in the car with just us and two stops – gas and a drive through for food. Again nothing we wouldn’t do at home. The closing will be with one other person in the room at a safe distance.

We are not packing up our house, No movers are involved. We’ll get a key at closing and walk into a furnished house and we’ll have the personal items needed for a stay of several weeks in our car. The new house is more remote than our Tampa house and some would argue it’s a safer location than Florida.

So I appreciate the concern – we’re not taking risks and for those of you who think we’re ignoring the government requirements during this time, we are not.


  1. I can only imagine some of the comments you are getting. Since you are a nurse I am sure you are very aware of how serious this situation is and you wouldn’t put yourselves or anyone else in danger.
    And since Florida seems to be one of the hot spots right now, it is probably a good idea to go to GA anyway. We are also looking at a house in another area of our state. No realtors can show homes but we are going back and forth with questions and pictures and will take a trip there as soon as possible if things go well. We’re pretty much at a standstill right now other than by internet and phone.
    Congratulations on the house!!

  2. Congratulations on the house! Furnished – that would be a dream. You can replace things you don’t like at a leisurely pace as needed. I think you have a terrific plan for staying safe! So far my home county has had only 2 current reported cases and 1 death. But the county my kids and grandkids live in has had a big jump in numbers with community spread reported. I’m just grateful we aren’t currently a hot spot.

  3. It seems people are hyper upset right now and are criticizing anyone and everyone. It stems from their fear. I’m happy for you getting this nice house in an area you want to retire to eventually. Have a good trip.

  4. I’m happy for you Mary. I am a retired ER nurse, and agree with your plan too. We take steps to ensure we are as safe as we can possible be, and continue with necessities. It is snowing here today. The flakes are gathering on the alder and lilac bushes. They look like cotton balls in blossom in my front yard. Just beautiful!

  5. My comment earlier was in ignorance of home sales being essential commerce. There are so many things that we don’t know unless they pertain to us. My granddaughter is headed to the doctor after her video visit determined she needed testing. My daughter may or may not be able to be with her in the doctor’s office. It is tough knowing what current guidance pertains in each situation. A lot of what is relevant isn’t clearly stated and things are changing so rapidly.

  6. I can see how easy it is to be critical. I do it just to my poor husband! I am rather surprised that one can even BUY a house now… my daughter and husband are trying to… yes, and he’s the doctor. At this point I’m surprised one hospital is going to let him move on to another hospital! Enjoy your new space and make it a haven!

  7. Sounds like you are well contained and have a good plan in place. I am wondering why you couldn’t take care of your closing papers electronically and before you leave Florida. The realtor could do the final walk through if that is required? Assume that everyone you could possibly come in contact with has the virus, the less contact with public spaces the better. Leave nothing to chance. We experienced limited public facilities access while traveling already three weeks ago – and be sure to have tissues in your pocket if you do stop. I hope you find everything in order at your new home and enjoy settling in at your leisure. Once your family makes it through this Co19 crisis your time together at Big Canoe will be a celebration. Safe travels.

  8. A furnished house would be a dream. I guess Escrow Company property closings are not “essential” in CA as our office is closed and we are on hold.

    Be well and show us pictures when you can!
    xx, Carol

  9. Hi Mary! Safe travels to you and enjoy. Maybe you’ll have to stock a new quilting room?! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. How nice to purchase it already furnished. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. And all those trees in the forests will give you cleaner air, as well as a lovely setting to enjoy.

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