Luckily, biking and walking are still allowed under Tampa’s stay-at-home order that went into effect yesterday. Keith gets out biking most days after working but I’m lazier and didn’t get out during the week. Unbelievably, it was 90 degrees today and it’s still March – that’s way too hot!

Since we can’t bike to our usual places that serve food and drink … we’re riding over to Davis Island. It’s a little over 10 miles roundtrip.

We take a break halfway and sit and enjoy the water views. There’s lots of space here for everyone to maintain a safe 6 foot distance.

In the sewing room, I’ve got the chisel blocks together and just need to get one border on it to finish that top. It’s my March precut challenge project so I’m just barely going to finish the top in time but that my goal … one top finished for each month of the challenge. I’ve also been binding. I’m just about done with Maine quilt #4 and I’ve got the other two hanging over the longarm bar auditioning binding fabrics.

What are you working on this weekend?


  1. Worked on a miniature quilt this morning. It only needs the final border – made of 44 tiny 4-patch blocks, each 2.5” square. Are you taking a machine and fabric with you to GA when you go?

  2. Solitary exercise is still allowed here, too. I’ve been out walking for some fresh air and haven’t seen many people.

  3. Our basement renovation is almost done, so I’m slowly starting to move back into my sewing room. Problem is that I have no intention of putting everything back in that came out of there last spring. Sorting and purging is going really slowly – and I’m finding UFOs that are distracting me!

  4. Walking the neighborhood at least once a day, keeping things sanitized, listening to good music and movies. Trying to keep out of the snacks, but that is sometimes a loosing battle. I just discovered the new CHEEz-IT crackers. Yikes, they are soon good.

    I am working on making masks for my childhood best friend who is a neonatal ICU nurse in Myrtle Beach SC. Making enough for her, her sister and many of her colleagues. Also, sent a package to a dear friend in Valrico for her and her family. Packages of masks will be mailed to my family across the southeast USA. Lastly, masks to give to our Guild for donation to a local retirement/health rehab center and Hospice. It is such a good feeling to know that such a small thing can bring some relief to those ”on the front line”.

  5. Happy to see you can get out and bike. I am going stir crazy in spite of having a sewing room full of material. I think I need to go out for a walk today…

  6. I’ve sometimes thought it might be nice to own a bike but there really aren’t very many places to go around here… To the supermarket? And half of the year it is too cold and icy to ride a bicycle… excuses excuses!

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