I can’t half see!

So Keith snapped this photo of me tonight trying to text Chris without my glasses … can you see how far away I’m holding my phone?! Of course, Finn was all laid back and relaxed! We drove to GA yesterday and are hunkering down now until the closing on the 8th.


  1. Did you forget your glasses? If so, call your Dr. and have them email your script so you can take it someplace for a quick, cheap frame and lens. I have to wear mine all the time and always have my sunglasses as a backup. I hope that you do okay – that is not fun not being able to read, sew, knit or watch tv. Be safe and happy closing!

  2. Hoping that your glasses are just out of reach and you don’t want to disturb Finn. Everywhere is way too similar in this pandemic. At least there are great trails to hike in Georgia!

  3. Lol, I still wouldn’t be able to see. Finn does look like a very comfy little guy. Too cute!! Stay safe and well!

  4. One of my most important items! Reading glasses! In Japan we call them old people’s glasses…. sigh.

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