Waiting is hard

I’m filling my time with reading, knitting, texting with the boys, FaceTiming with Chris as he tries to makes some more masks in preparation for the anticipated directive for people to wear masks while away from home (performing essential tasks or exercising of course!) and cuddling with Finn but waiting is harder away from home without my quilting to distract me.

Keith and I were sitting last night and talking about how we can’t wait to be at the new house and being outside to hike or just to sit so I thought I’d share the outdoor spaces we’ll have at the house.

You can see there’s a front porch in this photo – it looks out to the “neighborhood” which is made up of just a few houses on a cul de sac.

There’s plenty of room for a couple chairs and a small table to hold drinks.

However, this is probably the outdoor space we’ll use the most! I’m so happy to have a screened porch. It’s right off the great room and the master bedroom has a door leading out to it too.

Right next to the screen porch is a large covered deck. Perfect for the grill and eating outside.

Downstairs on the terrace level, there is a deck that runs the length of the house. This one is right off my sewing spaces and I’ve already told Keith I’ll want a comfy chair out here to take my coffee breaks during the work day. It’s where I’ll probably sit to blog and share photos of my work too. Did you see all the trees surrounding the house? I can’t wait to be back in the woods!

I might just have some company out there too because Rae’s one request was that the house have a “rocket swing”. (Can you see it all the way at the end of the deck?) We had one on the porch at the Tampa house but took it down to add more seating which disappointed her.


  1. A beautiful home for you and a lovely future. I like my swing on my deck. No little ones to share it with though. I love trees too, we have a bevy of cardinals that sing daily to us.

  2. Looks like you’ll be very comfy on your deck. We also have 2 decks, one up that is screened and one down which is next to my studio and have a lovely rocker. I love sitting out in the mornings watching the birds at the feeders and flying into the woods.
    Hope you will enjoy it when you are there.

  3. The house is so nice nestled in the woods! It looks so comfortable and welcoming. It will be nice to get back to nature and have the four seasons. I live with trees all around so I sort of understand what you mean about the trees and the birds. We have all kinds of birds here. Just finished a pair of socks for my son. He tells me to knit as many as I can. He really likes them. I’m also crocheting an afghan for my sister. Last year I made one for my other sister. Also knitting an afghan that is done in strips. you make thirteen strip. It’s fun to do! the name is the Falmouth Afghan. Stay safe and healthy!! xo

  4. Wow Mary…that is absolutely stunning! I can certainly see why waiting is so hard! Good luck, stay safe & healthy!

  5. Oh, how I would love to have a screened in porch like that! You will love it. Not to mention all the rest of the porch space.

  6. I love all your outdoor spaces! I also love trees although my husband is not a fan of raking the leaves up. I can see why you are so anxious to get in the house and get settled.

  7. What a lovely house and surroundings! I love a screened porch. We have talked of adding one, but still haven’t done it. I think you will really enjoy this house.

  8. I understand the waiting. Our first property STILL does not have a closing date set. We will still buy it when the time comes, but have moved on to bigger and better that should close within 10 days. Waiting is hard. Terry is getting over some very bad ju-ju. The nurses/triage screening have said it doesn’t fit Corona but his symptoms are blurred with his usual health issues. He says he has never been this sick. I guess we’ll know for sure if he has it if I get it too.
    Take care, stay well.
    xx, Carol

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