Happy Hour

I’ve been cleaning all day and we’ll end up replacing more than we thought but it’s coming together … my reward for working all day … Happy Hour on the porch!

14 thoughts on “Happy Hour

  1. Been thinking about you all day. I’m so happy for all of you. I love the open floor plan. You are
    going to have a great time these next few weeks. I hope Keith can spend a few with you


  2. We are moving across country. The moving van estimate was $10,000 plus. We will rent a large Uhaul and take what will fit in it. $10,00 would buy a LOT of new furniture, lol. Glad you are settling in nicely.
    xx, Carol


  3. Happy hour – sounds like a good idea!! You look very relaxed and happy. That is just what you should look like now that you are getting settled into your new house.


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