I can’t tell you how bad this kitchen was … 80% of the contents needed to be trashed and the other 20% just did hit acceptable … to be replaced at a later date. The good news is that the cabinets are a good quality and the color is to my liking. So this was day 2 of cleaning all the cabinets and appliances inside and out…. and it’s NOT a big kitchen. Today I went to the grocery store at Walmart and bought pots and mixing bowls, and knives , and all the utensils needed to cook a meal … and a new Keurig … coffee is important to us even if it is decaf!

And after getting everything clean and set up to my liking … I fixed spaghetti for dinner. I want to replace the appliances in here …. hopefully sooner rather than later but for tonight, the stove worked thank goodness!

And it was yummy! (I know that’s a big plate of spaghetti but I fasted all day and spaghetti is probably my favorite meal). Now I’m going to sit on the porch while Keith cleans up.


  1. I think there is a different level of acceptable quality in a temp residence as compared to a primary residence. Plus, you have to like what you use!

  2. I love vintage plates and used them in our river cottage. Probably would not use them for everyday here at home but the cottage was perfect for them. Odds and ends bought at thrift stores were great for me. But you are going to move here full time some day and the best is perfectly OK. That spaghetti looks delicious !

  3. It looks like you have smooth countertops in the kitchen….that’s a plus. I really don’t know why anybody ever put tile ones in.

  4. Looks really tasty. I decided I was so sick of cooking tonight and ordered take out. Dave actually volunteered to go get it. But I would probably die of the shock if he actually cleaned up the kitchen.

    It will probably be kind of fun to personalize that kitchen over the next few weeks.

  5. For some reason I missed why you moved. I had thought you just moved to Tampa Not my business, sorry. Lovely new location and home 😉

  6. That spaghetti looks delicious! It’s my favorite meal too and my plate would be just as big! The house is just lovely, I’m enjoying the photos. Glad you were able to get out and get the items you wanted. I’m sure it makes it feel more like home too! How is Finn liking the new place?

  7. I love your sun porch! Kitchen looks great to me just as it is—but, then my kitchen cabinets and some of appliances are so old, anything newer looks fine. Enjoy your new place!

  8. Good looking dinner and no one has a right to tell you how much or what you should eat but your doctor or dietitian. My doctor says it makes us feel bad about what we are eating and that makes many of us eat worse.

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