Set up

Chris helped me set up the tables yesterday but today I unpacked the 2 bins with my tools and fabric and I was ready to sew. I’ll have two rooms here to sew in. This one is where I plan to piece … I can sit and sew and look out my windowS! I also have an attached bathroom which is nice!

That’s assuming of course that the longarm is going to fit in the room next door. I haven’t actually measured to know for sure but the longarm won’t come until we move here permanently … which I expect to be 3-5 years at the earliest. There’s just one window in this room and I’m OK with that… I spend more time piecing than I do quilting.

I’ll have less closet space in the sewing space here so that’s still something that I’ll have to work out eventually too … I guess I need to sew and crochet faster and use up some of the stash before it’s time for our permanent move!

3 thoughts on “Set up

  1. Looks like a very nice set up. I only have a small closet in my sewing room but have managed to create quite a stash. I bought a large cabinet that has glass on the top half of the doors. That is where I store all my precuts. The bottom part is for yardage and leftovers. It’s amazing how much it holds. I save the closet for batting etc. storage. And my cutting table has storage in it also. You will make it work even without as much closet space.


  2. We have not actually seen the house we are moving to, but my grandson said there is a bedroom with two closets so I’ll probably want that one to be my sewing room. Our new house is twice the square foot of this one so I might get lost!!
    xx, Carol


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