User error?

We have a couple fireplaces that use propane here at the new house. We’ve had gas fireplaces before but they were pretty simple to operate mostly just flipping a light switch. Keith tried to light the upstairs fireplace yesterday but even with the user manual we couldn’t get it lit so we have to wait for someone to come out and check it out. The inspection reported it was in working order so I’m assuming it’s user error on our part. Today it was cool and rainy … in the 50’s and a fire would have been just perfect. We’re also on a septic system here … something else that is new to us … we had an brief issue today where several toilets wouldn’t flush and then they did. Weird … we’ll call a septic company out to check everything although it was cleaned and inspected right before our closing … maybe roots from all my wonderful trees?!!

Even with the challenges I’m thrilled with this house. We’ll get it into good shape and learn the small idiosyncrasies and eventually it will be home to us!


  1. I hate septic issues. Roots clog our line between the tank and the dry well all the time. Even though the tree next to the line is dead, the septic guy says the roots continue to grow for at least 5 years. It’s much less expensive to clear the lines than to have that tree cut down and the stump removed.
    xx, Carol

  2. If it was inspected before closing, your problem might be the air vent, Make sure the air vent isn’t covered or clogged. Especially with a lot of trees around.

  3. My propane fireplace is a balancing act-smile- Push the gas knob in, turn it, hold and then push the button for the electric igniter, hold, and turn gas knob up to regulate flames. The gas knob is on one side and igniter on the other. Took me a while to get all buttons pushed at right times in right order. Septic was also new to me. I love my place and I know you will also.

  4. We have 2 fireplaces in our house and don’t use either of them anymore. The one in the family room where we spend the most time would be great to enjoy, but the fan is so noisy that it drives us nuts. I want to have that insert replaced with a new quieter more efficient one. But it is one of those projects that my husband doesn’t think we need to do. Right up there with replacing my kitchen counter tops. LOL

  5. So happy you are thrilled with the new house. That will make it much easier to get through these little annoyances that pop up. We have a gas fireplace but it heats up the room so much even at the lowest setting that we rarely turn it on. But it is nice to have it on for a short time.

  6. I guess every house takes time to get use to and iron out the kinks. I have a septic system, but never had a problem with it. Just have to make sure it’s clean when it needs it. Do you have a well for water? I’ve got a fireplace and have a pellet stove in it. Keeps the house nice and warm. have a force hot water furnace also. With the pellet stove it keeps the oil bill way down. That’s a good thing! I like the quilt your doing. I always like the nine patch. I have one on the end of my bed I made about twenty years ago. There are so many I’ve done that I don’t remember them all. There so much fun to do! Stay safe! XO

  7. If septic is new to you…one hint. Our last house had the same and eventually had to have service come out and empty. A friend shared if I would flush one pkg. of yeast used for baking down any one of our toilets monthly then no need for septic service. So I started doing that and for the next 17 years till we sold and moved that was what happened and nobody ever got called to do that again. It was an appreciated hint because that is expensive. Enjoy your new place. Love reading the blog.

  8. Ah the joys of country living. My only other suggestion is to only use Scott toilet tissue… I lived with a septic tank for over 40 years and never had a problem with it as long as we used Scott.

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