Well there was a bit of excitement last night … bad storms leading to the tornado sirens going off about 1 am. We all went downstairs – Keith, Finn, Rae, and I – and stayed until it was clear. Luckily, we had no damage here.

Today, I sewed a bit here and there while helping Rae through her schoolwork. She’s staying a couple days with us and sits right across from my sewing desk. Becky provided a detailed list of all the school work she needed to do and there was even a Zoom call with her teacher and class.

And here’s my April Precut quilt in progress. It’s going pretty quickly and I think it will be a nice donation quilt.

You can find details for the quilt at this post.


  1. I lived in Albany Georgia for a year and tornado warnings came on the TV. This NYC girl had no idea what to do. I took some pillows (??) and sat in the bathtub. Your home is lovely. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Your newest creation is so bright & happy! So glad you & yours are safe re those awful storms!

  3. Good for you in being there for your granddaughter. My oldest daughter has been very frustrated trying to work full time and help her kids keep up with school work. Her second grader was just in the process of starting an IEP, and now they are just left hanging. He is even more frustrated than his mom I think. Her other 2 kids are doing OK with the school from home so far.

    Love that new quilt project. I downloaded that pattern from the link you shared. I have a couple of jelly rolls that might work for this.

  4. That storm doesn’t sound like much fun!! So happy it didn’t do any damage. Rae looks so cute sitting there doing her school work while you sew. Another great team! That quilt is so bright and cheery, it’s sure to make someone very happy.

  5. Hi Mary! Rae is being such a good student. I can see she is engaged and happy with what she’s doing. I just love this new pre-cut quilt and how it’s coming together. It’s making me want to make one! I’m so glad you were all safe from the storms and no damage. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I’ve only been through one tornado warning when I went to Ohio for my daughter’s high school graduation. What a surprise to be herded down into the basement in the middle of the night! But the graduation went without a hitch the next day. Such are storms. Same with the typhoons we get here in Japan.

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