It’s hard not to obsess about the coronavirus pandemic and I admit I watch several sites for news and new cases. I specifically watch the the number of cases and deaths in my locations. This is the current data in Hillsborough county Florida, my Tampa home.

And the data in Pickens county GA, the new house.

Keith and I have discussed when we might go home to Tampa … early May being the target but we’ll just have to wait and see when the time gets closer. For now, this is obviously the safer place to be although no place is completely safe and who knows what is to come.


  1. Yes, it is hard not to obsess over all this. Since my husband and I are in our 70’s we are considered at risk. I was really worried in the beginning but have calmed down now and do my best to follow the rules. We still need to grocery shop etc. which is worrisome but we wear masks, wash hands and all items before we bring them into the house. Not sure that’s necessary but makes me feel better. We have been busy with yard work and of course I have been busy making masks so the quarantine hasn’t really bothered us. But I will be happy when things improve. It is going to be very devastating for a large number of people and that is very sad!!!

  2. We took a drive yesterday to just get out of the house on a sunny day. We drove by Home Depot and most people and all employees were not wearing masks or gloves or social distancing. My hubby and I are definitely going to keep doing the whole rubber gloves and mask thing when buying groceries plus keeping groceries in car for 3 days and using diluted bleach to clean what has to be brought inside. I also strip and shower, washing my jacket and clothes immediately. Do I like doing this? Absolutely not, but I want to keep on quilting through my lovely stash of fabrics for a long time.

  3. It’s easy to obsess over news of the virus. So far there has only been one case in our county. There was one in the next county to the west, but that was actually a Red Cross nurse who was symptomatic and working at their Bloodmobile. She lives somewhere else. Some around here are making masks but so far we don’t see too many wearing them. I have yet to make some for us.

  4. Mary, I’ve been absent for a long time.. work and life got in the way. But, I think I remember following you years ago and that you once mentioned you were previously a nurse. Is that right, or is my mind entertaining me these days by writing fiction? lol It’s scary enough for those of us trying to grasp every detail from the medical experts on t.v… I can only imagine it might be even more difficult if you have a personal connection with what those in the medical profession are dealing with.
    I’m right there with you trying to balance being informed with being obsessed. I live in Palm Beach County and concerned with the eagerness to “open things up” and we have a relapse of rising new case numbers. We had planned our retirement for April but, when I heard an employee in the courthouse where I worked tested positive – i moved it up by a couple of weeks. It feels like preparing for a hurricane that’s just endlessly hanging off shore!

  5. Mary, You seem to be safer where you are at the moment. It would be helpful in making decisions if you knew the population numbers by ages. For instance Tampa may have a very large elderly population. We have been lucky in our city of 457,350 – 103 cases overall with only 3 deaths and 4 days without a new case diagnosed. The lock down appears to be working but it is early days yet. They have started random testing for asymptomatic cases. We too are in the vulnerable age and health groups so we are being very careful. Stay safe and Healthy, Anne in Oz

  6. We think what Terry had was Corona. Could not get a test. He said he has never been more sick and really did think he would die. We were lucky that he has inhalers for his COPD. Then I got sick but nothing like he was. No test for me either. It’s a Catch 22. Glad you are staying where you are for now.
    x, Carol

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