We were heading out for a walk when we saw more visitors. We’d seen a deer the other evening on a short walk around the neighborhood, Keith saw one earlier today, and there were 5 or 6 out there this afternoon. I only caught 4 of them in this shot.

We walked some easy trails with Finn and it was nice to get outside for a little while.

I don’t think Finn remembers being here at Big Canoe but he seems to like it … everything except the winding roads. He got car sick the other day and while I’d given him the Bonine for motion sickness for our drive up from Florida, we hadn’t given it to him on the ride here from Chris’ house.

These are very unsettled times and I’ve second guessed our decision to move ahead with the purchase of this house especially since we found more work than we expected needed to be done but neither one of us have regrets (at least not yet!). Keith even said the other day he wasn’t looking forward to going back to Tampa in a couple weeks.


  1. I wanted to say. There’s no comparison between Tampa and North Georgia., the 4 seasons we get here, is wonderful, our bonus is enjoying spring flowers, fall colors, and sometimes winter snows. All in moderation. We go to Tampa every fall,if you like summer all 12 months then Florida is fine, but we’re from the north, we really Like our 4 seasons. You will too up inBig Ben

  2. Finn sure is cute. We have a few dogs who get sick too, we feed them really early but they get sick once in a while. Nice you are enjoying your new property.

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  3. Such a lovely area, especially with wildlife so close. Sorry you have some issues with the house, but I’m sure they can be remedied quickly.

  4. Moving is always unsettling I think no matter how many times you have done it. It’s great you have no regrets in spite of the extra work. It looks like a beautiful area to retire to.

  5. Your little piece of Georgia just looks so tranquil. And that walking trail is beautiful. You are closer to family too so it’s understandable that you don’t look forward to going back to a hectic busier life. And further from family.

  6. Mary, second guessing house purchases and moves is pretty common. Aussie real estate agents call it “buyer’s remorse”. As you settle in it will dissipate.

  7. I think there are always unexpected repairs/issues when you move into a new house which can lead to the “what was I thinking” moments, but you moved back to a place you love close to family, Our house has many expected repairs required, but it was the ones we hadn’t seen coming that made me go “hmmm” On the other hand, I love my pink (!) bathtub.

    I get carsick but hadn’t known some dogs do also… Glad there are pills for that

  8. Mary, I watch Lucky Dog and he had a doggie that got car sick and he said that for some doggies if they cannot see the horizon they get sick so he got a raised doggie car seat that attached in the middle area of the back seat and his doggie was fine. maybe this might help. I have learned a lot from him. Good Luck. Carolyn Thanks for your mask info.

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