More masks

I finished more masks today – 20 total counting the ones I made yesterday. I’d have made more but Finn had to go to the Vet for a booster. Chris picked out this fabric – I think they look kind of cool and he’s sharing the ones I make with his co-workers. (They provide software support for emergency services in one of the counties outside of Atlanta.) I’ve got another 8 or so to make for him, and a few more to make for us and then I’m getting back to my Rail Fence blocks.


  1. Very cool fabric and appropriate under the circumstances. I would also like the dimensions of your mask please. I made a lot with elastic but would like to make that style since elastic is so hard to find right now. I am feeling proud of myself today. Sent 2 quilts to the quilter this afternoon. Tomorrow I will put the binding on a quilt for my daughter and then start to tackle a complicated quilt I am determined to finish. So close and it needs to get done!!!

  2. That is a fun fabric. Good choice. I may make a few more masks but need to see what I have for masculine fabrics. A friend is the director of a homeless shelter and she said they would take as many masks as I want to make.

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