And more masks!

First, thanks for all the anniversary wishes. I now have shiny new toilets and a new kitchen sink too! I finished the last of the masks for Chris today while the plumber was working. I made 26 this time around and I’m still going to make a few extra for me and Keith tomorrow.

I’ve had several questions about the masks so I’m going to post the information I sent here in case anyone else wants to refer to it.

There are lots of patterns for masks online and I adapted several ideas into the one I’m making … Here are some notes and a link to a video that shows how I do my ties. 
So these have a different inside and outside fabric as recommended so people know which side to have next to their face … I made my first one like in the video that I’m linking to but read that two different fabrics were preferred and that makes sense. 
For these … average size people. Fits me and Chris!Start with two rectangles that are cut 7 (height) x 9 (width)Sew the inside and outside rectangles right sides together along the top and bottom edges (the longer side) turn and press. 

I cut my ties 1.5 inches x wof and I’ve been shortening them a little so they aren’t so long – I make mine about 36 inches but see what works for you. 

For Keith (who has a big head 😋) I start with rectangles that are 8 x 10 and that’s the most comfortable size for him. 

Here’s the link showing how I attach the ties … I found it easiest to fold and press my pleats before sewing them.  I tried just doing them at the machine like in the video and I tried pinning but pressing them works best for me. I do NOT put a filter or leave a pocket for a filter like he does … just two thicknesses of fabric. Hope this helps!


  1. Thank you Mary!  I’ve been making contoured mask but for several reasons, I’d like to try some of these.  I think I’ll try pressing the ties with a bias tape maker (from my applique tools) before sewing it on.  Do you bother tucking or pressing the ends or, just leave th

  2. I’ve been the same type of mask and even used your tip of making them slightly bigger for the guys. Both my SIL are big guys, so that was a good decision. I’ve even gotten a photo of one of them wearing his mask while running errands. I plan to make some for the grandkids next, in case they have to wear them anywhere. My girls at first said the kids wouldn’t need them because they weren’t going anywhere, but that might change.

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