Another year of memories

Our 31st anniversary is today and we both had a laugh … who knew that 31 years would be our porcelain anniversary?! The plumber will be here this morning addressing a number of issues and installing new toilets.

Celebrating another year of memories and looking forward to creating new ones here in Big Canoe and Tampa in the coming years.


  1. Happy Anniversary Mary and Keith ❤ Love the pics you share of your new home and family! Here’s to many more years of memory making 🍻

  2. I went out of town once and arrived home to a new toilet and was happier than flowers or dinner out would have made me! I hate running toilets. There is a wonder about reaching the stage in your relationship where just being together is special enough!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! We installed new toilets about a year ago. They are the comfort height and I love them. Really came in handy when I had my knee replacement. Practical gifts to each other are the best at this point.

  4. Happy porcelain anniversary! Maybe 32 years is Granite and you could get new countertops? 😉

  5. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!! How wonderful! Love the photos. I haven’t made any mask. I have a few from the health center. Like the color of your masks!! It’s nice Chris thinks of all his workers and you help him to make them. The both of you enjoy your Anniversary! xo

  6. Congratulations! I guess I didn’t even know that there was a porcelain anniversary! I think I’d like a new toilet as an anniversary present too… this year we may not even get dinner out!

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