May’s Precut

If you’re playing along with our precut party, May’s precut is triangles. Stephanie explains the options:

Our Precut target for May is Triangles.  

Some suggestions –

Commercial precut triangle packs 

Waste (or bonus) triangles from flippin’ corners

Flying Geese or HSTs hiding in your orphan box

Any UFO with triangles in it 

A new triangle-based project you have on your inspiration (or bucket) list

Or, if you don’t have anything triangle related, you could quickly grab your GO, and cut some ready for May. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of a quick queen size quilt for one of the beds here using 6 inch triangles. I haven’t decided on a pattern or color scheme but I might go with that for my May project. Of course, we won’t get home until the 9th and I need to catch up on quilting in the few weeks we’ll be in Tampa before coming back but I should find some time to pull out the GO and cut triangles!

5 thoughts on “May’s Precut

  1. I’ve done 2 triangle lap quilts in the past six months, I’m going to pass. I have to clean up my sewing supplies, they are a mess. And keep finishing quilts to be long armed. I’m interested in what you will pick to make.


  2. Oh my ! I just powered thru a pack of “Thangles” (best price and quick ship on eBay). That’s 450 2.0 finished triangles. Fit perfect on a jelly roll strip. Now I’m kinda addicted to them.


  3. Hi Mary! How about a Postcard from Sweden-inspired quilt. It’s all triangles and I’m enjoying my queen-size version on my bed. It’s colorful and nice and warm. ~smile~ Roseanne


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