Good and bad

It started as a great day … Chris and Becky were back up here to help out. After working, we went for a walk.

Our day took a turn for the worse when Becky fell on the gravel racing Rae … we came home and she patched up her knees while Keith and Chris worked outside … and then Keith had an accident with the hedge trimmers … it could have been SO much worse so I am grateful he just ended up with stitches in two fingers and a tetanus shot. Chris had requested a Christmas dinner – Turkey and all the fixings, (He’s been helping out a LOT so I was happy to fix it for him) so it was decided that I’d stay home and cook while Chris drove Keith to the ER and luckily, they did get home in time for dinner. Unfortunately, my clean up guy was unable to wash dishes so I cooked and cleaned up! That never happens around here … NEVER!

And on a side note, Ruby loves her quilt!


  1. Poor Becky and Keith!! Hope they both heal quickly. I love Ruby’s quilt — so does Finn! I hope you have enough to make one just that size for Finn.
    Have a SAFER day tomorrow!

  2. Hope they both heal quickly. Love the wee quilt seems it has tK9 approval too.
    You are so lucky being able to have your DS and GDC in your bubble. We have been in lockdown for month and have had to wave from our balcony. Down to level 3 on Tuesday when we hope we can expand our bubbles for include our kids and GC

  3. A big day that wasn’t perfect, but it could have been so much worse. Happy that you guys can look back and remember Christmas dinner in April and time together.

  4. Sorry about the mishaps. I knew a guy who cut off part of his finger trimming, tools can be very dangerous. Finn loves that quilt, time to make him one too.

  5. It looks as though Finn and Ruby have bonded. He seems to like the quilt as much as she does. I hope the Christmas dinner made everyone feel a little better about their mishaps.

  6. I’m so sorry your good day turned out to have some challenges, Good to hear everyone will be okay!! And how could Ruby not like her quilt, it is so pretty!! Looks like she will need to share it with Finn though when they visit. Cute picture!!

  7. Hope everyone heals up quickly. Love the smiles on the faces of those precious little girls. And Finn looks quite pleased with himself.

  8. Hi Mary! Aww, Ruby and Finn both look like they love the quilt. I’m so glad to hear that Keith is okay, and Becky too. Gosh. How fabulous that you got to see all four of them! That’s definitely worth cooking a full Christmas dinner. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Oh dear! I’m so glad that Keith’s accident wasn’t worse. I can imagine! I think I’ll warn my husband since he’s been using his power saw recently. Hope Becky’s knee heals quickly too. Nobody wants to make too many hospital trips. By the way, your photography of the kids is professional!

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