A walk in the woods

We did get out for a short walk in the woods after the kids left today. There are lots of trails and we’re not sure where all of them lead so we’ve been exploring a bit. This one had a nice bench – not that we we needed a rest because we only walked a mile but it was hilly and Keith’s fingers were throbbing a bit, it’s hard to keep them elevated when you’re climbing. By the way, he didn’t need to sit down but bench photos with Keith are kind of a thing in our family!

I’ve also finally found the right spot for crocheting. There’s not room for a chair in the master bedroom here like I have at home but I bought a task light and found that the end of the sofa near the fireplace works and I’ve started a blanket stitch Afghan. I’ve missed my crochet time … although I’m only about halfway through the knit afghan so I need to work some on both of them!

I’m still not sure about the ventless fireplace. It’s definitely a lot better with the new logs but I’m not convinced it’s good enough and it still seems to bother me just a little. We won’t do anything for now but we’ll see how it does this fall and winter.


  1. Hi Mary! That sure looks nice and cozy and the perfect spot for crochet. I guess Keith won this round (so far). I’m also glad to see Keith was up for a hike and took a short rest even if he didn’t need it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Having interesting places to walk might actually inspire me to do it. 🙂 Hope Keith’s hand heals quickly.

  3. Like the afghan so far. Is that cotton nice to work with? I know some cotton can be hard on the hands.It looks quite comfortable near the fire. Take care and be safe!! xo

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