More Wildlife!

I’ve got my blinds open downstairs in the sewing room as I work and glance up every now and then to see if we have any visitors and this afternoon I got a surprise!!! A black bear! I know they’re common here but usually I expect them to be at higher elevations. Big Canoe has great articles and information about living here in the mountains and a lot of it is aimed at living peacefully with the bears!


  1. Yikes!!! I have NO idea where Big Canoe is (I’ve only been through Georgia twice on I-75), but if I head that way again I’ll bring my bear spray!

  2. I live on the Long Beach (WA) Peninsula and we have lots of bears. I love seeing them. New people always have to learn; take bird feeders in at night and don’t leave your trash bin out!

  3. Wow, when I visited Jasper in British Columbia, Canada I was surprised at the garbage bins how they were made to keep the bears out, and how much bear poo was in the city just outside our motel room. They told us to keep a whistle and make sure we made noise when we walked. I was shocked when I saw the first pile of poo outside out stairway. Be careful. Is it full grown? Where is it’s Mum?

  4. Wow, that would be alarming for me! There have been bear sightings a couple miles from me but I have never seen one. Don’t really want to either!! It’s a pretty bear though!

  5. Wow! A bear is one example of wildlife that we don’t see around here. Thankfully! It would freak me out. We did see our first wild turkey of the spring yesterday. Usually we have a whole flock of them that wander through our yard daily but haven’t seen any in months. Yesterday we saw one big female come through by herself. We have mountain lions in the area, so maybe they’ve thinned out the turkey population.

  6. Wow! That bear doesn’t look like it is very far away! I have a bear bell that I hang on my backpack when I go hiking in the mountains. I’d put one on your wrist if you are going to go for a walk around your neighborhood!

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