I didn’t get downstairs during the day so after Keith and Finn went to bed I went down to finish assembling the Boxed Squares top. SO quick and easy – it’s a great choice for a nice lap size quilt from a single Jelly Roll.

This will go back to Tampa this weekend for quilting with the other 3 tops. None of them are large quilts but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished here in addition to all the work to get the house in shape. The last few weeks accomplishments in the sewing room are:

  • Pieced 4 tops
  • Pieced, quilted, and bound 2 doll quilts
  • Made 70 face masks

I’ll have a lot of quilting to do when I get home along with some packing. We’re planning to pull a small Uhaul when we come back mid June with some more of my quilting stuff and some other household stuff we’ve decided to go ahead and bring here now.

We’re settling into a routine here and it’s starting to feel like home. I’m looking forward to our time here and in Tampa over the next few years!

My plans for the rest of the week are up in the air but if I end up with more time to sew, I’ve got another quick Strippie I can pull out.


  1. OK, it’s official… I LOVE THAT QUILT! The love the fabrics, I love the pattern, I love everything about it!!! Kinda like it looks like y’all love everything about the new house… yay! I’m so happy for you! Watch out for bears!

    • We are happy with the house, still a lot of repairs we’re working our way through but it’s going to be perfect for us ..l hopefully the bear in the back yard is not a common occurrence. I think they usually stay higher up!


  2. I absolutely love your quilt!! What jelly roll did you use? Love the pics you share of your new home. What a beautiful view you have!

  3. Another terrific quilt top! You sound very relaxed and content. Must be all of the extra time spent with Keith and the kids.

  4. Love that quilt and the colors!!! It looks old fashioned to me which is my favorite kind of quilt. I just might have to make one. Did you cut the pieces with your Go? If so can you give the sizes you used. I have invested in quite a few dies and now have both the Go Baby and Go Big. Your GA house looks so cozy and I can see why you are anxious to spend more time there.

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