A change in direction

I love working with cotton yarn but the new blanket is not working out. The yarn is just not soft enough to be a blanket so I’ve decided to give up on it and down the road will use it to make a market bag or two and some dishcloths. I did a quick search on Ravelry and I will have lots of bag patterns to choose from.

So last night after making the decision to give up on the blanket, I debated whether to start a new one or to pick my knit one back up … I know it seems like this is taking me forever to finish and you’re right it is … but I will finish it quicker if I keep working on it so I’m back at it. It’s not a hard pattern and I like knitting it … it’s just slow going which is probably why I like crocheting blankets better. They’re quicker and I get to start something new faster! This is also a cotton yarn but it is soft and has nice drape.

Keith watched from his office today as 3 deer walked down the street … he snapped a photo of the one that came down the driveway. I knew having the big windows in the office would entertain him, he likes watching the world go by. We’ll miss watching the deer visit when we head home this weekend.


  1. Happy that you made the decision. Tough to give up, ,but if you aren’t going to be happy you have to and I love the knitted quilt. The view from Keith’s office is amazins.

  2. What a pretty view he has. My home office looks out onto the street, so I don’t usually see the deer from my window. They come through our back yard and then cross the neighbor’s driveway. But when the turkeys have been around they always came right by my window and then around the house. I do enjoy the wildlife as I’m sure Keith does.

  3. Yes, no sense in making something that is not going to work. Your knitted one is very pretty so it will be worth the time when it is all done. I love watching wildlife from inside the house. Your area looks so peaceful and pretty!

  4. What is the name of yarn your using for the pink blanket? It looks soft. a lot of cotton is to stiff to work with. I do like it for dish and wash cloths. I make a lot of those for small thing for extra Christmas gifts. My sister loves the scrubbies I make . She’s always asking for more. Love the deer in your yard. We have them in our back yard off and on. Especially in Deer season. Both of you stay save and have a good trip back to Florida! xo

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