Prep work

I wasn’t going to be able to help Rae work through her list of schoolwork and get something set up on the longarm so today was about prep work. I pulled fabric, pieced backings and a couple battings for the tops I finished in Georgia. I decided that if I load a Strippie tonight after everyone goes to bed, I can quilt it tomorrow … one little row at a time while she’s working on her assignments. Get her started on one, quilt a row, help her get started on another, quilt a row! Becky gives us a long list of assignments for the day and it’s more work than you‘d think to keep her moving from lesson to lesson!

I also pulled fabric for a few Quick Strippies to take back to GA. They’re good projects to piece when I don’t have as much time and don’t want to leave a project in the middle. Someone asked if I buy my all my fabric for these together and I don’t. When I see a cute print I buy a yard and then I’ll pull two coordinating fabrics from stash. I’ll go ahead and cut these, its another thing I can work on in between helping Rae this week.

Rae is learning to tell time so we took some time and made some clocks. She loves making things!


  1. Happy you’re safely home. We all help our granddaughter with her homework. Just love her to deaf. She’s ten years old. The way they do homework now a days is so different as to when we were in school. Guess that’s not fair of me that was a long time ago! Our math was so simple compare to theirs now a days.Really like your color combinations. The children’s quits are going to be great!! Again glad your home safely! xo

  2. She looks so grown up sitting at the desk working. You do find the cutest fabrics for the strippee quilts.

  3. Boy, talk about multi-tasking! It sounds like you have it all worked out though. Your fabric for the strippee quilts is darling. I try to do that and nothing goes together. Maybe I just need a bigger stash…

  4. Good work Mary. I am looking at the fabric you pulled and I see the one with the building equipment. I am finishing one with that fabric this weekend for my new grandson

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